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Let Us Never Forget


The Bob Chance Band

Bob Chance - Guitar, Vocals

Dave Murphy - Drums, Vocals

Dave Kern - Bass, Vocals










In one form or another, we've been around since...well... about the Mesozoic Era, and we play about anything from any of those time periods. Seriously though, we have over a "century" of combined musical performing experience.

We're a dance band with a VERY large repertoire of 50's to present rock-n-roll and country tunes. Slow, fast, we play them. Want to play "Stump the Band"? We'll try "almost" anything.


Check here to see where we're performing!

* We're available for private and public events. Please contact Bob with any questions.


Here are some of Bob's videos on "You Tube"!

Door Mat

The Bomb

Jungle Talk

Lady Liberty

Signs of Love

Ice Cream Man

In God We Trust

"Wild" It's Broken

My Dreams Came True

It's Broken - LP Version

Thanks a Lot for Nothing

What if He Came Back Then

Castle of Love - The Raiders

My Steady Girl - The Raiders

Raiders From Outer Space - The Raiders

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