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Let Us Never Forget


[Product Image]Bob Chance

        At the tender age of 10, Bob won his first talent contest, and at 12, appeared on the TV show "Opportunity Knocks". Two years later, Bob and "The Raiders" were recording for Atlantic Records in New York, (they also recorded for Decca). There, he had the opportunity to co-write a number of songs with Al Lewis (composer of "Blueberry Hill" and "Tears on My Pillow").

      * FYI: Rhino Records has recently released "Don't it Sound Good", a compilation of the best Atlantic Records vocal groups, featuring "The Drifters", "The Coasters", "Bobetts", and "The Raiders".*

        Bob moved to New Jersey when he was 16, and put together "The Enchanters". A year later, they were recording in a New York studio where, for the first time, Bob produced the session.

        As Bob tells the story...."After we paid for the studio time, we only had enough money to get two discs made. They were acetates that wore out pretty fast, so we didn't waste time listening. We left one with ABC Records in New York, and took the other one to Don Kirshner, a really great guy, who, with Al Lewis, co-managed me when I was 14 years old. He really liked the acetate and said he was going out of town for a month with Neil Sedaka , but when he came back, he was going to sign my new group".

        Well, "The Enchanters" broke up before the month was out, so Bob decided to join the Marine Corps. When Bob's brother (and co-writer on a number of songs) Herb went to ABC Records to pick up the disc, he was told "we were going to sign these kids, but they never came back".

        After four years in the "Corps", Bob was honorably discharged. He said goodbye to the east coast and headed west to Hollywood. There, he recorded and produced his own music, as well as other artists, for no less than eight record labels.

        Well, as you can see, Bob's been making music for awhile. The list of managers, producer, and artists he's worked with reads like a Hollywood Who's Who. Here's just a few.

Al Lewis

Composer, and Manager

Blueberry Hill and Tears on My Pillow

Don Kirshner

Manager, and Producer

Bobby Darin, Neil Sedaka, The Monkees

Lee Magid


Della Reese, O.C. Smith, Lou Rawls

Danny Janssen

Manager, Producer, and Composer

Bobby Sherman, David Soul, and Josie and the Pussycats, featuring Cheryl Ladd

Danny Dalton


Strawberry Alarm Clock

Mike Dorrough

Engineer, Producer, and Inventor

Chambers Brothers, Jefferson Airplane, and winner of an Academy Award ® and 2 Emmy Awards ®

Seals and Crofts

Artists, Composers, and Producers

Did "backup" on one of Bob's sessions

    Bob's songs have had a lot of airplay in the US, as well as from the BBC. He has also been a favorite on the Doctor Demento Show, and an unnamed "pirate" radio station somewhere in the Atlantic ocean.

    A lot has changed in the music industry as of late, mostly due to the internet. This prompted Bob to start a record company, actually two of them. The first, of course is Hot Mix Records. The second is a sister company, Rainbow Dove Records, which is the Gospel label. You'll find Bob's songs on both labels.

    Please enjoy the website, the music, and feel free to email Bob, the webmaster, or any of the artists.


    Hot Mix Records


Bob's Marine Corps Unit at the "1964-65 New York Worlds Fair"

Here are some of Bob's videos on "You Tube"!

Door Mat

The Bomb

Jungle Talk

Lady Liberty

The Van Man

Signs of Love

Ice Cream Man

In God We Trust

Ain't No Big Thing

"Wild" It's Broken

On the Road to Love

My Dreams Came True

It's Broken - LP Version

Thanks a Lot for Nothing

What if He Came Back Then

My Steady Girl - The Raiders

Whole Lot Of Shakin´ Goin´ On

Raiders From Outer Space - The Raiders

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