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Let Us Never Forget


Hot Mix Records

The home of "Fresh Air Music", is proud to introduce our "Hot" new Sampler with 22 songs, 11 artists, and 11 different styles.

From Country to Comedy, Latin to Pop, and Rock to Reggae, we've got something for everyone on this CD. You'll find it at the "CD & DVD Store".

As we grow, we'll be adding more streaming audio and video (so you can watch and listen before you buy), and eventually, a monthly newsletter for our customers and friends.

Please take a look around and come back often. We're always adding to the site.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please go to the "Contact Us" page.


The Hot Mix Staff


***Attention: Unsigned ARTISTS***

We're always looking for artists with talent. New, old, different...let's hear what you've got. You won't need lawyers, agents, or managers just to get your songs heard. Unlike the "major" labels, we WILL listen to you.

 If your songs or videos are on the net, email us a link....Please don't send files....just the links to them. We WILL go check them out.

 If your songs are not on the net, you can send them to us "Snail Mail". CDs, DVDs, tapes, vinyl, it's all good.

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