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Let Us Never Forget


"Off The Wall"

Press the green "Play" button to start "Episode I"

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Imagine a dark and dreary night. Bob and a small group of really "warped" friends, have been left alone, in a TV studio. Bob finds a pad of paper and a pen. As the lights brighten, someone fires up the cameras...well, you get the picture.

But really folks, "Off The Wall" is just a lot of silliness and good natured fun. There'll be new faces (as well as old), music, magic...who knows.

"Off The Wall" successfully premiered 9/9/06, in Southern California on Time - Warner Cable.

Sit back and watch it right here. You'll need "Adobe Flash Player".

*That thing about "warped"...well, that part was true.

Bob has been awarded the 2009 "Telley" Bronze Award for "Off the Wall" in the music category.



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